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Truth Finding

In all honesty, I'm bat shit crazy. 
If you already knew that, just remember birds of a feather...
On the real though, I find myself rummaging through my thoughts, finding gems, finding little moments of joy. 
It's the uncertainty of happiness that worries me.
I fixate on the results whilst pining over the ins and out of the days. 
Falling in and out of love and forever waiting on a stupid phone call.
Not so stupid when the voice leaves me all warm and cuddly and I melt, drawn to his charisma like a timid moth to a bright, mysterious and oh so enticing flame. 
I'm bat shit crazy I tell you. 
How do I come up with all this?
It's the love. 
It's the connection from thoughts to feelings to words. The words spilling over like lava. The words that leaves a whole in my chest as I think about the joys of using what was gifted to me. 
It's the love. The love for love.  It's late and while the world sleeps, my heart aches a little, it smiles a lot. The little twinge of hope to keep going.
Trust me, I'm bat shit crazy.
Pero, aren't we all? 


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