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Silver Bullet

Very few knows how to a handle a troubled heart; they too have battle scars.
The time in between the stale Cheetos and herbal tea must be precious. 
It must yearn for something more than giving up. 
It yearns for peace of mind.
It yearns for less tears, less wanting what it cannot have.
It wants to feel good about standing up for the sake of morals instead of giving into the desires of the flesh.
It wants to look you in the eye and say go fuck yourself with such conviction. 
Instead, clutching a pillow and waiting to be carried away into dreamland is the icing on the cupcake.
The icing from the red velvet cupcake.
It's already morning; I gotta be up in  three hours. 
Life has to go on after stale Cheetos and herbal tea.


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I am the Sun

I am the sun.  I rise, strong I stand,  stronger  with a purpose to shine.  I am the sun.  I set subtly and with power leaving behind a day’s worth of pain. A day’s worth of joy. A day worth remembering for a lifetime.  I am the sun.   

Some Friend

It's all good and dandy when I'm smiling and being everybody's favorite friend.  Let me fall off and then everything and whatever becomes an "issue". I remember when I was being strong; strength was failing but I hung on to that rope.  The rope broke, I fell. I fell so deep, deeper than I've ever been.  It took a while and so much work to get out.  But,  Apparently being down isn't cool when and I couldn't be there to listen; when I wasn't smiling and pretend that everything was ok with me.  It's not cool when I shut down because I got were cold shoulders and abrupt responses when I needed a friend.  Apparently, It's not cool and I  become the villain because someone asked how I've been.  Someone who didn't judge my absence and was genuinely concerned but that wasn't the problem. The problem was the I wasn't there to hear your whining because I was in too much pain.  The pain you didn't see and pain you didn't care t